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RC Cop Stop 12-6-21 After School Presentation

I showed off the Pro-Line Pro-2 with the Pro-Line Bronco “police” body with some kids at an after school program.

I added a second receiver and transmitter so the kids could steer the RC and I controlled the throttle.


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I plugged the Pro 2’s servo in the 2nd receiver and ESC into the 1st receiver then connected both receivers with a jumper wire in the bind channel.

It worked great….this gave the kids feel in control with their own transmitter (while had throttle with 2nd transmitter).

They loved ramping  and bowling with the Pro-2.  I also switched out the Pro-Line Gladiator Tires for the Pro-Line Street Fighter Tires which helped on the indoor turf.

Thanks again for all your support

– Matt Hermsmeier