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Pro-Line Hole Shot Newsletter | August 2021

Check out this issue of the Pro-Line Hole Shot Newsletter – August 2021! This month we’re hitting the drag strip again with a whole new body, the 1972 Ford® Pinto! To make the Pinto as scale as possible relative to Pro-Line’s other Drag Bodies, Pro-Line is launching a new subcompact drag class using the Bandit® (with #6070-00 body mounts), AE SR10, or other 11.25″ wheelbase 2wd buggies fitted with drag racing wheels and tires. This new size opens the door to bring new people into the world of drag racing using a chassis platform that many people already own.

We’ve added one more Dumont to the line up of Paddle tires! The Dumont 2.8″ Premount is here for your Stampede® or other 12mm hex truck. Grab some 6×30 hex adapter sets if you have a 14mm ARRMA® or 17mm hex. These can go on just about anything with the right hex. Scale Crawler guys now have new 1.55″ Wheel options with the Keystone Black Plastic 12mm Wheel or the Slot Mag Aluminum Composite 12mm Wheel. Grab a set of these to mount onto the 1.55″ Super Swamper!

If your are out racing 1:8 Buggy watch out for the Convict 1:8 Off-Road Buggy Tire. This new 1:8 tire is a lightweight and more versatile version of the popular World Champion Fugitive! The Convict is made from Pro-Line’s latest generation carcass shape for improved bump handling and features smaller and more spaced-out tread, so it has the speed for qualifying while still having the right amount of tread to last long main events. Also a new Axis body is available for ARRMA® Typhon™ 6S owners who want that race buggy look and performance.