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Pro-Line Hole Shot Newsletter | July 2021

Check out this issue of the Pro-Line Hole Shot Newsletter – July 2021! This month features a `67 Ford® Mustang Clear Body for Drag Racing that everyone’s been dreaming of! Then the Scale Crawler guys get a Strikeforce Clear Body that’s ready for any military build project. The Trencher 2.2″ Crawler tires are available in 2 compounds (G8 and Predator) for all you Rock Bouncers out there! Stadium Truck is back with a new Axis ST Clear Body that fits both TLR® 22T™ and the AE T6.2.

If Sand & Snow is your thing we have the all new Dumont Paddle Tire now premounted on Raid Wheels for Short Course and 3.8″ Monster Truck. The guys who have the Arrma® Mojave™ also get the Dumont mounted on the stock Black Mojave™ wheel. Last but not least is the Performance HD 1/5 Axle Conversion for X-MAXX® owners to beef up your stock axles!