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CJ Jelin races Dirt Nitro Challenge 2021

DNC 2021 had almost 700 entries. The layout for the event was Wednesday practice/seeding. Thursday was ebuggy/ truggy qualifying. Friday was nitro buggy qualifying. Saturday was ebuggy/ truggy mains. Sunday was nitro buggy mains.

In seeding I was struggling with myself to get three good laps. Not racing with the top guys for a year showed me that I needed to do some work to get up to pace. I ended the day in the fast heat in truck, b in ebuggy, and c in nitro buggy. The first couple of round I was driving over my head. In the second and third round I had better runs and ended up 2nd in the pro nitro truggy b main and 5th in the b main of pro ebuggy. I changed setup a lot on my ebuggy to get my nitro buggy the best it could be. I went out first round and finished 7th. It could have been better but was a good round to start nitro buggy qualifying. In the second round I had a rear diff cup go bad. I still managed to get a 15th for the round. Going into the last round I was sitting 9th overall. The last round I drove smart and finished 6th for the last round.

Going into the mains I was 5th in the b main in ebuggy, 2nd in the b main for truggy, and 7th in the a main for nitro buggy. The first main for me was the truggy b main. With the sun still being out and the b main being 30 minutes I went out on a S3 Buckshot. With the tire being harder I knew that I would have to drive a little more cautious until ten tires had heat in them. About 10 minutes into the b main the tires really came around. My Kyosho MP10T was just on rails for the last 20 minutes of the race. I ended the race being 4 seconds from the leader to get the bump into the a main. The ebuggy b main was not as good as the truck. I didn’t make some of the best decisions and ended up 6th. Four spots out of the bump had the speed for the main just need to work on my race craft for those situations. With starting the truck main in last I could only go up. I was doing that slowly getting by people then I fell a little of the top 3 pace. I started to have some good battles with 4th and 5th. This battle went on for some time then one lap I tried to land towards the inside of the front triple. There was a hole in the pipe, I don’t know if I made the hole or not but I think it caught my shock shaft pin braking the arm. I finished 9th after 31 minutes of the 45min Amain.

Sunday the last day at the 2021 DNC was the nitro buggy mains. Since the Amain was last there was a lot of waiting, watching, and helping other team mates in lower races. Soon enough my race was up and I was really nervous about it. Starting 7th I didn’t want to make a mistake on the first lap as it would be hard to come back from it. Unfortunately going up the hill I turned way to hard into a bump and went back to last on the first lap. From that point I was frustrated and let it get to me instead of driving I should have. As a result I finished 11th. It really showed me that I need to practice a lot of things better.

But have to give a big thank you to Kevin Palmer, Daniel Adams, Chris Nelson, Chad Bradley, Futoshi, and Ron Schuur for all your help getting me to this race and the help at the race. Time get to work for the next race!!!! Thank you Kyosho,Pro-Line,Amain,Hobbywing,Protekrc,TNRfuels,Avid,WilsonFineDesign,Ogio,Stickit1, and Hooked