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Derek Tarrant races at 2020 Southern Nationals

Well now that I’ve actually gotten some sleep southern nats it over. The track was fun and flowing but got rough super fast this year making it extremely challenging.

I had bump spots in both my mains that would put me in the b and made mistakes hit huge holes or had Marshall’s watching the race not the corner but it comes with racing. Made a ton of changes to my cars all weekend and they were great thanks to my mechanic and pit man Chris Goodrich we got the cars dialed. Pro-Line Tires in Slide Locks, Fugitives between m3 and s3 is what we went back and forth on over the ever changing track conditions.

Jimmy Babcock and Shawn Miller ran a great program. Huge thanks to the whole north Dallas squad we went up with.

Until next year this I’ll have to settle for almost bumping from the c to the b, But now we know a lot more. Thanks to sponsors

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