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Jody Johnson races at RC3 Tiny Trophy Race

Name of Event: Tiny Trophy Race
Track: RC3
Date: 5/16/2020
Location: Huntsville, AL


In Ebuggy I qualified 6th Overall for the A-main. After a rough start I fell back in the first lap and was sitting in 8th place.
I keep my cool and just ran my lines and was able to come back up through the pack and finish in 3rd Place! My Mugen MBX8 Eco Team Edition was solid all day and I put in my cleanest run of the day. Throughout the day I ran Buck Shots, Invaders and finally chose Slide Locks in M3 compound for the A-main

Tires: Pro-Line Buck Shots, Invader, Slide Locks
Compound: M3, S3 and M3, respectively


I qualified 3rd Overall in Nitro Truggy and felt there was more to be had if I could lay down a good run. In the A-main I was able to get the lead a few laps in but made a couple of small mistakes which put me back into 2nd which is where I would finish. My Mugen MBX8T was really dialed in running Pro-Line Buck Shots in S4 compound in the A-main

Tires: Pro-Line Buck Shot
Compound: M3 and S4