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Kyle Turner races at 2020 LSR Ice Breaker

This past weekend I overall had a good time at the 2020 Ice Breaker at LSR Speedway.Both of my cars felt really good the whole weekend, but I did not drive how I wanted towards the end of the weekend. I took the overall TQ in the 4wd mod class going against Ron Devoll and Kyle Layton after some close battles in qualifying and me taking the tie breaker.

For 2wd mod I would start 4th in the triple A mains because of some inconsistent runs and me changing setup to get the car better and better for the main.

In the 4wd mod triple A mains I would end up taking second overall having a 2nd and 1st as my best 2 runs.

In the 2wd mod triple A mains I would end up being 9th because of some bad runs on my part and breaking out of the last main which I was 2nd in the time I broke. Thank you to all my sponsors who support me everyday.



2wd Mod (Front Electrons, Rear Positrons)(MC)

4wd Mod (Front Electrons, Rear Resistors)(MC)



4wd Mod (TQ/2nd)

2wd Mod (9th)