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Joseph Maugeri at Crazy Crawler buddy comp

12/7/19 crazy crawler buddy compAzusa canyon off-road park CA

Fun event not a hold lot of people showed up do to the ran. Wasn’t going to do the comp but to couple of guy’s need one more person so I joined the course was technical but a lot of fun and the raining made it a little more interesting but the 1.9 supers swampers g8 compound had bunch of traction in the wet conditions and the Toyota sr5 body came out really good with a custom cage made around it.

We ended up taking 1st place in the comp we did the course in 28 minutes after the comp I didn’t so crawling around the on rig I ran has 1.9 bfg km3 4.75 predator compound on the front and g8 km3 in the rear it work really good I like that set up and work good with over drive