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Tobias Matheson Wins King of Cali Race 2019 🏆

This past weekend was tremendous here in Norcal for the third annual running of the King of Cali Race at Speedworld Raceway in Roseville, CA.

Also Good Day Sacramento did a live feature of the track and Tobias. Click photo below to watch!!⬇⬇⬇

In the VTA Class  Amain, Tobias started 2nd but finished 1st

Q1 Started 3rd Finished 4th

Q2 Started 4th Finished 1st

Q3 Started 1st finished 4th

Q4 Started 4 finished 3rd


He also ran USGT Started 5th finished 4th

And 17.5 Triple Amains finished 6th out of 7 drivers


PROTOform products used:

J71 Clear Body

PROTOform Pre-mounted VTA Tires