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Jordan Gleckler Q2 2019 Race Report

Currently in and around my home state we have a summer series first race was at mhor rc where I had place 2nd in expert nitro truggy and 3rd in expert buggy ran s3 Buck Shots on buggy and M3 Buck Shots on truck. Then we headed to Colorado Springs where I had place 4th in expert nitro buggy and 4th in expert nitro truggy ran s3 Hole Shots on buggy and truggy. I am tied for 1st in the expert nitro buggy in the series and sitting 3rd in expert nitro truggy in the summer series. I had also attended border wars which consists of 3 states I was able to make the race that was in Longmont I was able to TQ expert nitro truggy and finished 2nd in the main. In buggy I had a rough weekend had to bump from the C main and made it to the A main was running 4th till some  mechanical  Issues which caused me to finish 7th ran Blockades on truggy and buggy.

Over all my Pro-Line tires have been hooked every track I have been to.


– Jordan Gleckler