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Team driver Avery Widzinski wins at NWA Raceway Autism Benefit race

Yesterday I attended the Autism benefit race at Nwa Raceway.
I competed in a stacked class of 2wd buggy mod with some sponsored xray and kyosho team drivers, and decided to for old time sake I would run my dad’s 2wd Sc6.1 since I am waiting for my b74 to come in.
In 2wd mod class my Associated b6.1 was on rails all weekend with my new Pro-Line Prism 2.0 tires, allowing me to set Tq in this class.
In the 2wd main I would get caught in pile up in first lap putting me back to 4th, but I would pick my way back to the front in next 3 minutes, and go the next 4 minutes untouched and win by 8 seconds over the next sponsored drivers.
In SC I had a blast going back to where my rc career started, and would put down some good qualifiers, while getting used to my dad’s car and would be able to set tq for the Amain feature race.

In the SC main I would again get wrapped in a wreck in 1st lap dropping me to 5th place and within 3 laps be back in first and put the hammer down, winning by a full 2 laps over the rest of the field, and running my top 15 laps faster than anyone else’s fast lap in the rest of the field. And finishing 1st overall at race end. It was a blast running Sc again.
I would like to thank my awesome sponsors Team Associated, Reedy and Pro-Line Racing for all they do to help keep me on top.

Event: NWA Raceway Autism Benefit race

Classes: Mod 2wd Buggy and Mod Sc

Place: 1st place and TQ Mod 2wd buggy and 1st place and TQ Mod 2wd Sc

Tires used: 2wd buggy Pro-Line Prism 2.0 rear M3 compound and Pro-Line Prism 2wd fronts

                       Sc Pro-Line Prism 2wd Sc rear M3 compound


– Aaron Widzinski