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Robbie Lance at 2019 PNB

This past weekend me and Jeremy McGuigan made the trip down to White Pine, Tennessee for the 2019 PNB! The class that I ran this weekend was Open E-buggy. Qualifying didn’t go good at all but On Sunday I was one spot short of the bump spot. Overall it was a great weekend and I plan to go out and practice more each week! 

I wanna thank Matt Lance, Jeremy McGuigan, and Jared Wiggins for all the help this past weekend.


The tires of choice that I ran mostly for the event were Pro-Line M4 Hole Shots that had my car gripped up! 


My Tekin Electronics ran flawlessly m and performed strongly all weekend 👍🏼


It was nice seeing all my friends that I haven’t seen in awhile! 


Lastly Id like to thank all my sponsors for all the help and support!

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– Robbie Lance