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Stephane Doucet takes TQ and Win at BlackFly RC’s new indoor offroad carpet track!


February 2nd, 2019 was the opening race of the new indoor off-road carpet track in Northern New-Brunswick, hosted by Blackfly RC in collaboration with the Cooperative La Barque.

For all racers, it was a different racing surface than what we are all used to, a rubber type carpet. Different tires were tried, from slicks to small pins. After a few laps, everyone concluded the best tires for the surface were the Pro-Line Electrons in M4.

14 racers attended the race, 4 classes were offered, as well as a junior class.

It was decided to use a different racing format to give a more interesting show for the many spectators that came to see our hobby. 1 hour practice session, 1 qualifier round which was followed by a triple mains, IFMAR style.

Stephane Doucet, acting as the race organizer and race director, also raced in the 4wd Short Course class.  4wd SCT is one of the most popular racing class in the Maritimes with lots of entries at each event. Stephane took TQ and Win with his Tekno SCT410.3 equipped with Pro-Line Racing Ions. Stephane was kind enough to lend his Electrons M4 to a young racer, who came racing for his first time indoor, and didnt had a proper set of tires.

A1, Stephane, starting from pole, lead the 7 minute race from tone to tone to finish 1st.

A2 wasn’t different for Stephane, he built up a lap gap and cruised to the finish line.

A3, Stephane and Rejean Comeau were able to build a small gap from the remaining cars after they all crashed in the 3rd lap. Stephane got stuck in the track barrier allowing Rejean to pass for a chance at the first place spot. Rejean was driving clean until he miscalculated a jump and needed a marshal. Stephane took advantage and made the pass to 1st and then crashed, falling back to the 4th spot. Stephane got into charge mode with less than 30 seconds to go and regain the lead on the final lap.

Full race report and results available here