Factory Team

Club Racing at 452 Raceway on 11/03/18 in Lindale, TX

I was finally able to make the 2 hr drive West to 452 Raceway that opened earlier this year.  I have been eager to get out to the track, but other obligations prevented me from attending their previous races.  The track reminds me of an old track that closed down a few years ago, and I was really excited to get back on this type of dirt.  We had blast all day.  This is an awesome little outdoor track, and it will remind you of the glory club racing days. If you haven’t made it to one of his races, you need to make plans to attend soon.  The owner of the track is a huge enthusiast of the hobby, and he is providing this area with a much needed track to practice/race on.

The track started out pretty damp due to rain the day before.  I started out with M4 Blockades on buggy and Truggy during practice.  The cars felt pretty good, but with the wind and all of the cars on the track, the track quickly started drying out.  I swapped over to M3 fugitives on buggy and M3 Buckshots on truck, but the cars were missing side bite.  The track continued to dry out, and it slowly developed a groove as more and more of the sand was blown off the track.  At this point, I decided to go to a smaller pin tire.  I went with M3 SlideLocks on buggy and M3 Holeshots on truck.

I had a mixed day of qualifying. I was able to take the TQ in Nitro Truggy, but a transponder issue (all my fault) forced me to start last in the A-Main.

In the truggy main, I decided to stay with the M3 Holeshots.  I got a clean start, and I was able to lead tone to tone.

In the buggy main, I switched to the S3 SlideLocks.  I slow rolled the first lap since I was starting 13th, and it paid off huge. I was able to bypass all of the chaos, and I crossed the line on lap 1 in P2. I was able to track down the leader and takeover P1 after the first pit stop. With good laps and quick pit stops, I was able to hold onto the lead.

A huge thanks goes to Chris Goodrich for the tuning and quick pit stops.

Please check out the 452 Raceway’s FB page at https://www.facebook.com/452-raceway-566297173724840/