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Johnny Stephens Rides The Serpentine on Pro-Line Hyrax!

Ok it’s been a while guys but I got out to Butte County Scalers monthly G6 event this last sun in Magalia, CA. This was our first time back to the burn scar after the Campfire. 

 I live 5-min from this spot and couldn’t believe how much it has changed since. A big plus that was way more rock was exposed now that there’s no underbrush. 

 We also got to do something we don’t see that often and that was snow wheelin’! The night before we got about 4-inches of snow. This made for a great time in slick conditions. I ran my C1 chevy on Pro-Line Class 1 Hyrax and had awesome traction all day. 

 Id like to thank Pro-line Racing, Skyway Hobbies and Butte County Scalers for all they do for the hobby and until next time guys have fun and see you on the trail!