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Colton Kiefer at 2018 Alabama Manufacturers Challenge 9.0 on Pro-Line Positrons and Hole Shots

The 2018 Alabama Manufactures Challenge 9.0 was the first summer race I attended. I was racing 40+ Buggy and Pro Buggy. This year the track layout was absolutely amazing.
The RC Trackmasters did a fantastic job creating a fast and technical track. In 40+ Buggy, I was able to take the TQ in first 2 rounds of qualifying.

I was running Pro-Line MC Positrons for the Quals.

In Pro Buggy I struggled with traffic and just couldn’t get a clean run. I ended up qualifying 4th in the C-Main. Saturday night I was up in the Pro C-Main. It started great as Jimbo Kvidera and myself had a great battle for second. Then I wrecked over a step-up in the back corner of the track. I made it almost another lap and my engine died. I thought it was a plug but my pit guys couldn’t get it started back up. That ended my weekend for Pro Buggy. On Sunday, I was up in race 44 which was the 40+ A-Main. I went through my car and engine making sure nothing was wrong after my bad outing in Pro Buggy on Saturday. I went out for my practice laps and everything seems ok. But when the Main started my car died. My pit crew started it back up and I only made it 4 laps before I had to retire. We went back to the pits and looked over the car to find that my motor had lost its compression. Racing is tough but it is fun at the same time. I will return and be more prepared next time. Thanks to Cody & Adam McClenahan, and Michael Paige for all the help.

Next up was the Midwest Nitro Challenge (Formerly the Futaba Nitro Challenge). This race was a combination of hard work from the local club and all the volunteers that helped out. I raced 40+ Nitro Buggy and Pro Nitro Buggy. I was also able to race a bit of E-Truggy with the help of a loaner vehicle from the local hobby shop Checkered Flag.

I ended up taking the TQ and win in 40+ Nitro Buggy and E-Truggy. I was only able to finish up in 9th place in the Pro Nitro A-Main due to some electrical issues. I used Pro-Line X2 Hole Shots on both vehicles.

This past month since returning home from being out of town I was able to race a couple of indoor electric club races.

Thanks to all my sponsors:
Pro-Line Racing
Odonnell Fuel
OS Engines

-Colton Kiefer