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Pro-Line Employees Team Up for Operation Christmas Child!

Since 2013 Pro-Line employees have participated in the Samaritan’s Purse International program Operation Christmas Child.

Over the years we have put together a total of 117 boxes. Our best year was 2015 where we ended the year with 32 boxes.

This year the Pro-Line team went above and beyond! We pooled our resources, did a fundraiser and put together 74 boxes filled with goodies for children in need. We more than doubled our best year! This is so amazing!

This brings our company total to 191 boxes since we began in 2013!

Great job team! I feel so blessed to be part of a team who gives back to the community in such a powerful way!

What a wonderful opportunity to help change the holidays for a child!

But it’s not just the holidays. 

Once we collect the boxes from our employees they are then taken to a local church drop off location. From there they are taken to an Operation Christmas Child processing center where they are inspected and prepared for international shipping.

A couple years ago Leo and I volunteered at the processing center and every so often they will stop the production lines for a few minutes to pray for the children who will be receiving the boxes.

From there the processing center the boxes are shipped out and distributed to more than 100 countries where leadership teams train pastors and community leaders who use the boxes to host child friendly outreach events and share the message of the Gospel.

They have a program called “The Greatest Journey” where boys and girls learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ. As a result, lives are being changed, families are being changed and communities are being changed for an eternity and new churches are springing up in communities across the globe.

It all starts with one box and one act of generosity.
It may seem like a small thing but this one small thing makes a big impact. 

Thank you everyone for making this possible!