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Pro-Line Team Driver Adam Drake TQs and Wins 2018 Brazilian National Championship

Last weekend the BeEight Race Track in Cianorte Panana hosted the 2018 Brazilian National Championship. Adam Drake made the trip to race and support his fellow racers. Drake was the top qualifier in Nitro Buggy and Nitro truck. Drake then went on to win the 30-minute Buggy semi final, 30 truck semi final, 40-minute truck final, and the 60-minute buggy final. The event was a huge success for many Mugen Seiki, Pro-Line, and OS drivers. In the 60-minute buggy final, Mugen Seiki and

Pro-Line captured the top four positions.
Nitro buggy:
Mugen Seiki MBX8 buggy.
O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake engine with O.S. 2090 pipe and P3 gold glow plug..
Pro-Line Fugitive (X3), and Velocity Wheels.
Futaba 7PX radio system.
Protek RC 170SBL and 170TBL brushless servos and Protek accessories.
Flash Point 30% nitro fuel and 2500mAh receiver battery.

Mugen Seiki MBX8T truck.
O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake engine, O.S. 2090 pipe.
Pro-Line VTR Blockade (X3), Enforcer Body, Velocity Wheels, and Trifecta Lexan Wing.
Futaba 7PX radio system.
Flash Point 30% nitro fuel and 2500mAh receiver battery.

-Adam Drake