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P-L Driver Julian Malevanets at Wicked Weekend on Pro-Line Buck Shots!

Well a super Fun but exhausting and tiring 4-days are over, and we are back from the Wicked Weekend! This was my first time at a RaceTime Entertainment event and everything was fantastic! Jimmy, Dave, Bobby, and the whole crew did an amazing job with the track, keeping things on schedule, and everything in between!

I would run all 3 pro classes with my HB Racing D817v2, E817v2, and D817T!

Ran Pro-Line Slide Locks, Buck Shots, Blockades, and Fugitive Lites!


I would opt for the Thursday practice session and was able to get a full day of practice with being able to run almost a full gallon of fuel through my cars! Props to RaceTime for the new Thur/Fri split schedule, it worked great! I would try a few different tires but knowing that the track would ultimately groove up more and change, I just ran M4 Electroshots for most of practice in buggy and X3 blockades in Truck!


As I opted for the Thursday practice, I would sit out the morning Friday session. We all got a 5 minute run before qualifying to get a feel for the conditions and jumped into 1 run of qualifiers. I didn’t have the best of runs in any of my 3 classes with a 9th in truck, a 14th in Nitro Buggy, and a 16th or so in E-buggy. My tires selections were great but it was a day to forget driving wise so I refocused on Saturday.

We started early at 7am on Saturday and it was a new day. My first run of the day was Truggy and I was feeling confident. I was able to put in a top 5 run which helped carry my momentum into E-buggy. In E-buggy I was also able to put in a strong run and finished with a 7! Nitro was up last and I had another bad run unfortunately riddled with one huge mistake which was a 14th. X3 Holeshots in truck, X3 Buckshots in E-Buggy and Nitro Buggy!

From this point on it was mostly a watching game for dust, and monitoring the previous runs to see how grip was coming around at that point of the day. I narrowed my tire choices to Slidelocks, Buckshots, Blockades, and Fugitive lites!

For the last round I would need 3 solid runs and I delivered. I had a pretty good run in truck with a 6, which put me 6th on the grid for the main! X3 Blockades kept it stable and glued to the track! E-buggy was next and I put in another solid run from the B-heat, going 10 laps and posting another 7 with X3 Slidelocks, putting me 7th on the grid! Nitro was up last and I made a pretty bad first lap mistake. I thought my shot at the main was over but I buckled down and finished the run with 8 fast and clean laps, just short of a 10 lapper. That was a 7 for the round and it would just squeak me into the main with the 13th and last starting spot! Again with X3 Slidelocks feeling great!


We got up early on Sunday to get to the track around 7am to prep for mains. Truck would be up first. I opted for X3 Buckshots for their speed and stability!

The truck main went pretty well. After all was said and done, I was able to get on the podium in the 5th spot! I felt I could’ve had 4th, but a few too many mistakes and being down a pit stop left me in 5th. I was still really happy with the result and couldn’t have made a better tire selection!

Nitro was up next. I had a long climb up from 13th but I was able to get through fairly clean and run in the top 5 or 6 within 5 minutes. I ran a fairly good race but just small mistakes at inopportune times would set me back and I would finish 7th! X3 Slidelocks gave me the perfect amount of grip without being too edgy and had ZERO wear after 30 minutes!

In E-buggy there was a best 1 of 2 format for the double mains. The first main I totally blew out and finished 2nd to last. The 2nd main went much better. I got a good start, made minimal mistakes, and finished 7th which put me 8th overall! X3 Slidelocks once again were perfect for both mains!

For my first big southern event I was really pleased with my results and I certainty couldn’t have earned them without the support of Pro-Line! My tires were on point all weekend!

-Julian Malevanets