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Ruben Mateo’s quest for Hiki Nō Custom RC’s Top 10 List

“Never doubt yourself” quote unknown.  We all been there at one point in time.  Same way how Ruben Mateo felt being new to the hobby.  Feeling a way that he’s not as good as the top drivers in Hawaii.  Practice makes perfect as they say.  After getting advive from several top drivers about tips, tricks and driving techniques the time has come for Ruben to see what he has to compete in his first event.

With courses setup Ruben and fifteen others had qualifying rounds ahead of them.  With one on one battles with winners of each matchup moving onto the next rounds, all battling for there chance to battle the list.  The pressure was on to see how Ruben can handle under pressure in his first event.

By driving smart and listening to what others were telling him, Ruben managed to end the day by winning the qualifying rounds, since had an open spot on the list Ruben has overcome his fear and made him the gatekeeper at the number ten spoton the Hiki Nō Custom RC’s Top 10 List.

Anything is possible by asking questions.  Finding out what the local competitors run and learning driving techniques from them.  For the Ruben Mateo uses a Axial Racing SCX10 based truck with Proline Racing 1991 Toyota 4Runner Clear Body 3481-00 1.9” Dual Stage Closed Cell Inner/ Soft Outer Rock Crawling Foam Inserts 6174-00 wrapped around 1.9” G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires 10128-14.  Nice job on getting it done and welcome to the Hiki Nō Custom RC’s Top 10 List and hope to see you at future events Ruben.

Ruben Mateo