Factory Team / Rock Team

P-L Team Driver Johnny Stephens at Toddfest 3 on Pro-Line Hyrax Tires

Went to Toddfest 3 last weekend, this is Butte County Scalers annual AxialFest prep event at one of our members house. 

I brought my tried and true c1 chevy and my 1.9 trophy class rock racer to run.

Both trucks run Pro-Line Hyrax Tires and as always where hooked up all day. 

Todd’s house is jammed packed with fun. We had a 130 gate G6 course, a TTC course with a mud pit and logs and a small off road track for the go fast guys! 

 As always I’d like to thank Pro-line Racing, RCBros, and Skyway Hobbies for keeping my trucks top notch.

Until next time do work driver!

Johnny Stephens