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P-L Driver Robert Lance at Motorama on Pro-Line Hole Shots


This past weekend me, my dad and Jeremy McGuigan all took the trip down to Harrisburg, PA for Motorama. This was mine and my dads first trip to the facility but it was awesome. I decided to run Expert E-Buggy and Expert Truggy. This weekend was probably the toughest weekend for me ever since I started racing but I made the best of it! The weekend started off great getting the Tekno Cars dialed in to the fullest.

The tires I ran on each car were Pro-Line Hole Shots on both vehicles which gave them awesome traction throughout the entire weekend!

The qualifiers for E-Truggy did not go as I wanted but I would qualify 8th in E-Main. Qualifiers for E-Buggy Did not go as planned as well as I would not be able to finish any of the qualifiers in E-Buggy which landed me last in the I main. Sunday Came and it was main day first up was E-Buggy and I would do really well and get the bump to the H main and during the H main I was in the bump position but I was coming off the Back jump and when I landed it snapped the Carrier and Spindle ending my day in E-Buggy. Next was Truggy and the main started off okay but I would come through the rhythm section colliding with another car getting the bad end of the deal going to last but I would drive back to a 11th place finish.

On the other hand my dad had an awesome weekend qualifying in the A-Mains of Intermediate Truggy and Buggy which after the Triple A-Mains and all the servo incidents he would finish 3rd Overall in Truggy and 5th in E-Buggy!

I wanna thank Joe Bornhorst, Jeremy M, Mark Unrath and anyone else throughout the weekend for all the constant help and questions I had about the cars I appreciate it much!

I wanna thank Jeremy for letting us take the trip down with him and my dad for making this race possible and for all the help with anything I need!

Lastly I wanna thank my sponsors for all the help and support!
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– Robert Lance