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P-L driver Mason Eppley TQ and Win at Nitro Burn RD5 with Pro-Line Performance Parts


I made the 3-hour drive south to the bay area for the 5th round of the nitro burn series. I would arrive to the track early Saturday morning to the new layout. After a few tanks on the track I felt pretty comfortable, I would make a few small changes to my Pro-Line Equipped Tekno NB48.4 and the car was dialed. We would run 2 rounds of qualifying, taking your best one run for the Main.

In the first round, I would have a clean running with a gap of 10 seconds already on second place. With close to a minute left, I would hit a huge rut on the back section of the track and fly off the track. With no corner marshall’s seeing me and when my car was eventually seen, they had to sprint from the other side of the track to get it. In the end it was about a 15-second mistake. I ended up qualifying second for the round, 3-seconds back from TQ. I wasn’t too frustrated because I knew I had the speed and the car to TQ the second round. The track dramatically changed from the first round to the second. It got super blown out and dusty. With next to no grip plus having to choose your lines carefully due to the massive ruts, the second round was way slower. I did the best I could do, but with lap times almost 2-seconds a lap slower, it wasn’t enough. I TQ’d the round a lap ahead of second, but I would still start 2nd in the main. After a quick wrench session on the car, I was ready for the 25-minute Main. I would make the pass for the lead quick and never look back. I drove a near perfect race only making one mistake and ended up lapping the field four times.

Empire Results

Couldn’t have been more happy with my car and am looking forward to DNC in a week or so! Once again a huge thanks to my sponsors for all the support! Tekno RC, Pro-Line, Amain, NitroPro, Protek, Tekin, Blok, Schelle, Sanwa, MIP, and BOOMrc.

Mason Eppley