Factory Team / Rock Team / Trail Run

P-L Rock Team Driver Johnny Stephens with Butte County Scalers at Bald Rock on Pro-Line Hyrax


Great day out with my local club Butte County Scalers at one.of tje most epic locations we go to Bald Rock.

I ran my #class1 chevy with Pro-line Racing Class 1 Hyrax Tires these tires amaze me every time I take this truck out.


This is the second largest granite formation in CA. Such a cool spot. We even had some hail while we where out. There’s huge boulders and crazy lines everywhere.

Thanks to Todd McDowell for the short vid. Thanks to Skyway Hobbies and RC Bros. for the awesome parts and thanks to Pro-line Racing for keeping me hooked up in all conditions.


Johnny Stephens