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Pro-Line Team Drivers David and Jessica Iler at Beachline Raceway


Today we hung out at Beachline Raceway getting in some practice before some nighttime club racing. David would be racing Pro Stock Buggy. He put in two good qualifiers placing him 3rd on the grid. At the start of the Main on the very first corner he ended up getting hit by the second-place driver and he dropped several positions. So many cars piled up in that wreck that I thought the announcer was going to call for a restart. The first-place driver even slowed down thinking the same thing, but no restart was ever called. Instead of giving up David knew he drove well all day and he decided to try his best to come back. He drove awesome and was able to come back to finish 5th just under 4-seconds away from 3rd place.

Pro-Line 1:10 Buggy Tires, Wheels, Bodies, and Performance Parts


I raced 4WD Mod Buggy with some extremely fast drivers including #Brett Kingsbury, #John Prickett, #Mitchell Schaeffer and #Kiarra Hold. My goal today was to work on the right-hand section of the track and clean up my lines. I did a lot better, but still have room for improvement. Overall, I was pleased with my results and finished 5th for the day.

A special thank you to our sponsors #Trinity, #Pro-Line, #BocaBearing and #DERacing

Jessica Iler