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P-L Rock team Driver Johnny Stephens at Crawlmasters GTG on Pro-Line Hyrax Tires


Got out to the Crawlmasters gtg last Sat at Mt Diablo. Never been here before but glad i have now. Awesome place with tricky rock to run. I was using Pro-line #Hyrax tires and 2-stage Foams and as always they preformed awesome.


My first course went well I finished the course and got the bonus gate. It had been a while since I had run a Losi Comp Crawler so I was very happy with the trucks performance.

My second course was going good until in between gate 9 and 10 I rolled on a root. I tried to self write the truck and a tire sucked its self under a root and I broke a spur gear and I was unable to finish the course.


I’d like to thank Pro-line Racing, Skyway Hobbies and Rcbros for there continued support. Thanks to Mario Zamudio for the awsome pics! Also big thanks to the guys at ASD Crawlers for putting this together i’ll be back next year for sure!

Johnny Stephens