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P-L Driver William Piper Wins at 2018 Snowball race on Pro-Line Electrons


The 2018 Snowball race at RC Excitement was a very successful race day, though it was not without issues. My father was unable to participate due to a fall injuring his leg a few days earlier, spawning my first race operating on my own.

I brought three classes, 4WD Mod Short Course, 4WD Mod Buggy, and 2WD Mod Short Course, though I quickly decided to drop my 2wd since I was unable to prepare all of my vehicles between rounds.

Pro-Line Electron Tires in 1:10 Buggy and SC


That left the two 4wd classes, both of which ran excellently with minimal fine-tuning. The only major change I made was to lower the front roll-center of the buggy by removing a 1 mm shim on the steering hub and increasing my front camber to about 1.75 degrees. Apart from that, M4 Compound Pro-Line Electrons ground down to about 0.75 mm of tread were phenomenally grippy, our Team-Scream batteries combined with a Hobbywing XR10 Pro ESC, Team-Scream 5.5 for the buggy, and a Hobbywing 4300 KV motor for the shortcourse provided exceptional power.


I finished well in both classes, enjoying a well-tuned short course by my father to victory and participating in a fantastic whole-race battle with TLR driver Caleb Jennings with our Xray Xb4, but had to settle for 2nd.

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Proud to be part of Pro-Line

– William Piper