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Pro-Line Driver CJ Jelin TQ & Wins at Reedy Int’l Race of Champions!


This past weekend I attend the 2018 Reedy Race of champions at OCRC. I raced open 2WD Buggy and open 4WD Buggy. The layout of the week was, Wednesday open practice, Thursday 1 heat of open practice and 2 seeding rounds. Friday three rounds of qualifying. Saturday one round of qualifying and lower mains. Sunday was main day. Wednesday the track was loose but was only getting better the more people ran on it. I ended the day with my cars feeling good and ready for seeding.

Thursday, was the first day on the reedy race tires. The first couple runs on my 2WD Tires my car didn’t have good side bit or forward drive. My 4WD had good forward drive and side bit after the first free practice. After two rounds of seeding I had the fastest time in open 4WD and the fourth fastest in 2WD.

jelinreedy18-1jelinreedy18-8 jelinreedy18-7
  jelinreedy18-4 jelinreedy18-2

Friday was qualifying. The first round of 4wd qualifying I had a clean run to get the tq for the first round. My 2wd run was also really good I had a 3rd for the round. The second round of qualifying for 4wd I was really nervous and crashed way to much to finish 11th for the round. In 2wd I had a bad run on my part that put me 17th for the round. Round 3 of qualifying in 4wd I had a better run to get a 2nd for the round. In 2wd for the third round of qualifying I had a 12th for the round.

Saturday was qualifying and lower mains. In 4wd I had a really good run that gave me the tq for the round and overall tq. My 2wd run I had one mistake but was able to get a 3rd for the round that put me 4th for the a main. Sunday mains, after watching the invite people and lower mains run I had seen that the grip had came up and tire wear was getting high. Then I had a A-Main warm up for both cars. I could tell that the grip came up and that had my cars feeling good for Mains.

A1 of 4wd Mod Buggy, I was nervous for the first couple minutes then started driving how I should and finished 2nd. A1 of 2wd mod buggy, I had a really bad run and finished 9th. A2 decides the winner of the reedy race in open 4wd and open 2wd. The start of 4wd A2 I had a small mistake that let Aydin Horne get pass. Then he had a mistake in the same lap and I was back in first. I had a clean run with no mistakes to take the win in A2 and the overall for open 4wd buggy. A2 of 2wd buggy I had changed some setup and it gave me more side bit and forward drive. At the start of A2 I passed 3rd and just before the straight away 1st and 2nd crashed on the 2nd lap. I then drove around the outside and lead the rest of the race to win A2 and finish 3rd overall in open 2wd buggy.


Congrats to Brad Shearer for the win in 2wd.

Thank you the Tessmann’s, Ron Schuur, Kevin Palmer, Brian Strange, and my family at home for all the support this past weekend on and off the track.

Thank you to my sponsors for all they do for me as well, Xray, Rcamerica, Pro-Line, Hobbywing, Amain.com ,Protekrc, Vpracing, Sanwa , Ogio, 110%Racing, Hudy, Hooked AvidRc, Stickit1Racing

CJ Jelin