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P-L Rock Team Driver Deven Dodd TQ at Cherry Valley U4RC Winter Series RD6


So Cal U4RC Winter series round 6 at Cherry Valley Raceway. This was the final round of the series and we had great weather and a good showing of people. Both cars were running great. I was able to accomplish top qualifier in the first heat with my Bomber and lost it by .3-seconds in the second heat. In the Main I started second, stayed there pretty much the whole race and finished second. With my yeti I was able to get second in the first heat, and third in the second heat. I started third in the Main and was able to get fourth after some great battles.

My #Hyrax Tires had ultimate traction in the loose and unforgiving terrain. MyBomber was handling perfect equipped with Pro-Line PowerStroke Shocks.


Thank you Pro-Line for all the awesome support #ProlineRockTeam #Prolineracing

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Deven Dodd