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With your Help, Pro-Line gets Thanks from Convoy of Hope!

Here is a Quick video showing what Convoy of Hope did in 2016! Read further for 2017 Progress and Pro-Line‘s Contribution with your help!

Thank you! With the incredible busyness of the last few months, this note is long overdue. On behalf of Convoy of Hope, I am truly grateful for the generosity of Pro-Line to partner alongside us as we serve those devastated by recent hurricanes.

Because of tremendous partners, your gift will be multiplied 8x in the field. That means your gift of $1,715.08 will deliver $13,720.64 in food, water, and supplies to those who need it most. That is true impact. Thank you for making a difference.

Here is what Convoy of Hope and Pro-Line have been able to accomplish together to date:

Hurricane Harvey Stats:

Individuals Served: 263,760
Volunteers: 2,733
Volunteer Hours: 15,294
Loads Distributed: 168
Lbs Distributed: 5,865,753
Cities served: 57

Hurricane Irma Stats:

Individuals Served: 185,260
Volunteers: 2,329
Volunteer Hours: 10,609
Loads Distributed: 118
Lbs Distributed: 3,820,012
GIK Value Distributed: $3,448,405
Cities served: 48