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Vaterra RC: Upgrade your Ascender with Pro-Line Racing!

Episode 5! The Final Video showing all the Pro-Line Racing upgrades on the Vaterra Ascender

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Featuring Pro-Line Upgrade parts:
1979 Ford F-150 Cab
PowerStroke Scaler Shocks
Pro-Forge 1.9″ Aluminum Bead-Loc Wheels
Aluminum 6-Lug Adapters and Brass Brake Rotor Weight System
Hyrax 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Tires
Pro-Line Scale Accessories

Episode 1: Richard Trujillo has linked up with Pro-Line Racing for a Ascender build highlighting their products.

Episode 2: Ascender build talking about installing the Pro-Line Racing Power Stroke Shocks on your Ascender.

Episode 3: we talk about tires, inserts and tips on wheels weights for your crawler.

Episode 4: showcasing the NEW Pro-Line Racing 3496-00 1979 Ford F-150 Body.