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P-L Driver Anthony Mastino Podiums at Halloween Havoc on Pro-Line Pin Points


Raced in the Halloween Havoc Trophy Race at Cruizin’ with R/C’s.

My TLR 22 4.0s were dialed from the get-go on Pro-Line Pin Points and Wedge Squareds.

My cars stayed awesome throughout the day allowing me to qualify 4th in the A-Main of Stock 2wd Buggy and 3rd in the A-Main of Mod 2WD Buggy. I had trouble in the beginning of both mains but managed to work my way back up to my starting positions of 3rd and 4th. Overall, I had a ton of fun and am looking forward to attending more races at this facility in the future.

I’d like to thank my parents and sponsors for all of the support! #TeamLosiRacing #TLR #HorizonHobby #ProlineRacing #IslandRaceway