Factory Team

P-L Driver Brendon Larrowe TQ and Win at Surf City Classic on Pro-Line Positrons


This year I ran the surf city classic at OCRC. I ran 13.5 4WD Buggy and 17.5 Stadium Truck. I was able to TQ both classes with 3 out of 4 TQ’s.

The Truck Main was first. That race I started out front and just ran my own race and took the win.

Pro-Line Positron T 2.2″ MC (Clay) Off-Road Truck Tires


In 13.5 4WD Buggy I ended up breaking while leading the race and not being able to finish. That is how racing goes sometimes. I was very impressed with the new stadium truck positrons. They had amazing traction right out of the bag and very little tire wear.

Pro-Line Equipment used:
Positron T MC 8262-17
Electron 4wd MC 8240-17
Electron Lite MC 8255-17
Velocity 2.2 Rear Wheels White 2736-04


– Brendon Larrowe