Factory Team

P-L Driver Michael Bennett Podiums at AZU4RC Race on Pro-Line Hyrax


On 8-5-17 I raced at Fear Farm U4 Track.
Started the day off breaking my 1.9 comp rig in the 2 heats. Got my 1.9 comp back together for the Main and ended up taking 3rd in the end.

Michael ran Pro-Line Hyrax in 1.9″ and 2.2″ to the podium


My 2.2 Indy rig was on fire all day started in the main in 4th spot starting grid. Green light and we were off. By the quarter of the first lap I was in second place. Held off 2nd for a few laps then it was back and forth battles. I felt my rig not running as good as it was so I backed off a little. Ended up loosing a few spots as the car felt worse and worse. I did everything I could to keep my composer and just keep the car together. First and second place cars broke and I was back in second. Ended up Finishing the race in second with a broken front diff.


My new 2.2 unlimited rig is just a blast to drove. This thing is on rails and does anything I ask it to do. It was a great battle against David and ended up second place in the end. All in all it was a great day of racing and fun times with great people.

My Pro-Line parts did the job and kept me running with the best of them.

Michael Bennett