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P-L Driver CJ Jelin at ROAR 1:10 Nationals on Pro-Line Primes


Attend the 2017 ROAR Off-Road Electric 10th nationals at The Track in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I raced 2WD Mod Short Course, 2WD Mod Buggy and 4WD Mod Buggy.

I ran Pro-Line Primes on all my cars.


Wednesday was open practice for the track. The track started with very low grip and the grip got better when more people ran on it. My cars were okay on the low grip track, but as the track got better, so did my cars.

Thursday was open practice and seeding. I had some good seeding to get me into the C heat in 2wd mod buggy, B-Main heat in 4wd buggy, and the A-Main heat in Mod Short Course.

Friday was day one of qualifying. In Q1 of 2wd mod buggy, I had some trouble getting used to the track. I got a 41st in round one of qualifying. I was used to the track by Q2 so it put me in 27th for the round. This would put me in the D heat for the last round of qualifying. In Q1 of 2wd mod short course, I had some little mistakes but still had an 11th for the round. In Q2, I got an 11th again. This put me in the B-Main heat for the last 2 rounds of qualifying. In Q1 of 4wd mod buggy, I got a 10th for the round. In Q2 I had another good run to get a 14th for the round. This put me in 5th in the B-Main heat for Saturday.


Saturday was the last 2 rounds of qualifying. In Q3 of 2wd mod buggy, I had decent run to get in 30th for the round. In Q4, I had a good run to get 17th for the round and this would put me 8th in the C main of 2wd mod buggy. In Q3 of mod short course, I got a 9th for the round. In Q4, I got an 11th and I was bq in mod short course. In Q3 of 4wd mod buggy I was in a top 10 run, then my car broke. In Q4, I had too many mistakes and got 26th for the round. This put me 6th in the b main of 4wd mod buggy.


Sunday was Mains and the last day of the event. The start of the 2wd mod buggy C-Main I pasted 7th and in the next turn, I was taken out. When I got going again I was in last, but I put my head down, battled to get to the top and I battled with Tommy Hinz for 2nd and 3rd. I had gotten around Tommy and I was reeling in 1st but then I stuffed the pipe; Tommy got back around me and I finished 3rd. In the B-Main in 2wd mod short course, I had one mistake, but I had no more mistakes afterwards and took the win/ bump into the triple A-Main’s in 2wd mod short course. The B-Main of 4wd mod buggy was full of action. I started in 6th and by the 4th lap I was in 2nd and was battling with 1st and 3rd. I blew some of my turns and that let first get away and 2nd had gotten around me. In the last lap, I passed for 2nd and I made the pass but was 2 seconds behind 1st and could not catch up to him. So I finished in 2nd. In A1 mod short course, I was up in 6th then I rolled it but still made up some ground and finished in 8th. In A2, I had a better start but I rolled it again and finished in 7th. In A3, I had too many mistakes and finished 9th and 10th overall.


I would like to thank Kevin Palmer, Tracy Palmer, Dennis Palmer, and Gayle Palmer for supporting me all the time. As well as Xray, RcAmerica , Hobbywing, Pro-Line, Amain.com, Protekrc, , Sanwa, Vp Racing Fuels, Hudy, Ogio, CowRc, Stickit1Racing.com, 110% Racing.