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P-L Driver Kevin Thomas wins at Summer Sizzler on Pro-Line Fugitives


I had this race circled on my calendar for several months as it was my home track’s big summer race. Unfortunately, the event was cut short by a rain storm but we were able to squeeze in three rounds of qualifying on Day 1. The rain began shortly after the qualifiers and lasted into the night so we were unable to run the scheduled Mains on Sunday. It was a bit of a bummer for sure but overall the event was still a positive.

Ran Pro-Line Blockades and Fugitives

I wanted to first give a big thank you to Pro-Line Racing and Boca Bearings for sending me some banners to hang at Thunder Alley. I used the banners as a back drop for the trophy picture with my son. I am proud to be sponsored by several companies and it was awesome to see the banners up at the track where I practice and race the most. So a big thank you! A few more companies are in the process of shipping banners so I can’t wait to get those up as well.
Qualifying went really well, I spent the morning working on my XRAY XB8 buggy. I was hoping to get my new FX motor finally broken in and race ready but I came up a little short and had to settle for running two classes.
I qualified second overall with my XRAY XB8e, I was making minor tweaks each round and was becoming more comfortable with the car as the day progressed. I was able to win the third and final heat and was hoping to make a push for first in the double A-Mains.
I can’t complain though as 2nd place is still a very solid finish. I will be returning to Thunder Alley next Saturday for round 4 of the Super Seven Series. So it will be a quick turnaround and hopefully I can use the minor tweaks I made at the Summer Sizzler to propel me to the front of the pack.
In 4wd SCT, after finishing second in the first two qualifiers, I made a tire adjustment and selected Pro-Line Calibers (M3) for the final qualifier. The tire selection paid dividends as I was able to grab TQ and subsequently the win in 4wd SCT.
I want to say thank you to Venom for shipping out new batteries for me this week. They arrived just in time for the event and helped me collect a couple of cool trophies!
As always thank you for allowing me to be a member of your team, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to race for the following companies: XRAY / RC America, Maclan, Pro-Line, Venom, Xpert, Boca Bearings, BOOMrc, Sticky Kicks, and World of RC Parts in Wilson, NC for all your support!!

Sponsored Products Used –
Maclan MR4 4150kv, MR8 1950kv, Xpert SI-4431/SI-4531 Servos
Pro-Line Fugitive and Blockades (M3)
Venom 65000 mAh 70c 4s, 7200 100c
Boca Bearings Green Seals
Pro-Line Fusion