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P-L Driver Kaja Novotny TQ and Win at Czech Nationals RD3 on Pro-Line ElectroShots


The 3rd round of Czech 1:8 Nationals took place last weekend in Dolni Bukovsko. Organisers prepared whole area very nice, track was huuuge and it was a real challenge for electronics/engines in 30+ °C temperatures.

Took double TQ and Win in Nitro and 2nd place in E-Buggy behind Martin! I used Switchblades X2, while Martin took the win in E-Buggy on ElectroShots X2.


In 1:8 E-Buggy qualifications, TOP 3 was super close. Jiri Mara took TQ in Q1, while Martin Bayer dominated Q2, but then my XB8E TQ’d 3rd and 4th round to take the overall TQ ahead of Jiri and Martin!
In 1:8IC, again same 3 drivers fought for the overall TQ, with me taking TQ in Q1 and Q3, with Martin overall 2nd and Jiri Mara 3rd!

1:8E-Buggy finals had to be great show to watch in my opinion as in all three A-Mains, both Martin and me got quickly away from the rest of the field and fought whole 10-minutes for the win! Martin took the close win in A1, while I took A2, so A3 was going to decide the winner – it was another great race, but with 2-minutes to go I made two mistakes and Martin won, congrats! Another battle was for the 3rd place between Max Gotzl, Milan Mudra and Jiri Mara and in the end it was Max who came out fastest and finished 3rd overall!

TOP 10:
1. Martin Bayer – Xray
2. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – Xray
3. Max Gotzl – Xray
4. Milan Mudra – Xray
5. Jiri Mara – Serpent
6. Ales Bidovsky – Xray
7. Vaclav Broz – Serpent
8. Jan Domansky – Serpent
9. Adam Dubak – Xray
10. Marek Ornst – Serpent


In 1:8IC, Martin put a flawless run in his semifinal and gained pole position for the Main final ahead of me and Frantisek Kalenda.
In the final, Martin managed to pull away quickly, while I made few mistakes in the beginning which dropped me down the field. However then I managed to get back to 2nd place, but Martin was already one lap ahead. Few laps after I got 2nd, Jiri Mara faced tech. issue and had to retire. With 5 minutes to go, Martin faced tech. issue and I took the lead, but Martin got quickly back on track and finished overall 2nd! Milan Mudra was driving 3rd, but also with about 5 minutes to go his transponder stopped working (for a few laps and then worked again) and Max got to 3rd place! Crazy final!!!

TOP 13:
1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – Xray
2. Martin Bayer – Xray
3. Max Gotzl – Xray
4. Frantisek Kalenda – Serpent
5. Ales Bidovsky – Xray
6. Jiri Dvorak – Mugen
7. Milan Mudra – Xray
8. Jan Horacek – Kyosho
9. Petr Steiber – TLR
10. Ales Marica – Xray
11. Vladimir Nancevsky – TLR
12. Jiri Mara – Serpent
13. Martin Rytir – Xray

In the end I want to thank my parents and all my sponsors for their support!
Xray, Hobbywing, FX, MKS, Pro-Line, Sunpadow, Maxima, Hudy, Hiroseiko, HOECO, H-Speed, Dubidesign, DFcreative, Ruddog and KajaRCracing

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