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Mike Eaton on Pro-Line Devastators at RC Monster Truck Challenge of New York


Radio Control Monster Truck Challenge of New York, ran by two brothers and long time rc enthusiasts Dan and Kyle DeFalco. They finally started their own club in 2009 after racing for many years in other clubs.

Thanks again Gerardo and Pro-Line for the Devastators and Brawlers!

Dan and Kyle try to stick as close as they can to “true” Monster Truck side-by-side elimination racing. They prefer dirt over any other racing surface, their courses are inspired by the 1:1 track layouts and they set up their racing brackets close to the big show.

Each day of racing consists of 3 qualifying racing rounds and 1 final round. During the qualifying rounds, each run scores the truck points depending on their finish. After three rounds, those trucks are seated into a 16 truck final race bracket according to the points they racked up in the qualifying rounds. If there are more than 16 trucks, trucks 16 and below battle it out for the 16 spot.

This past Saturday was race number 3 of the 2017 points season. Each week there has been a different finalist, with yours truly nailing the latest win.  Even thought it’s a NY club they regularly race at RC Madness in Enfield, CT. There were 30 truck entries. The club’s season finale “World Finals” will be October 1.

Thanks again Gerardo and Pro-Line for the Devastators and Brawlers!

Since I have seen them at the World Finals in Vegas, I have been looking forward to trying them in our un-groomed loose dirt conditions. As I expected they provided good forward bite and stability through the corners. The tire/foam combo helped soak up landings like a champ.  This is a very good tire option for this type of setting!

– Mike Eaton