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P-L Driver David Piper TQ and Win at TLR Cup RD2 on Pro-Line Electrons


This past weekend we ran round 2 of the TLR Cup held at R/C Excitement in Fitchburg mass.  We ran 4×4 Mod Buggy and 4×4 Short Course.  This event was scored with qualifying points with heats and triple A-Mains.

When hot, Pro-Line Hole Shots in X2 compound were absolute money, until the sun went down and the track cooled off, then the right tire were the Pro-Line Electrons in M4


4×4 Mod Buggy

Talk about a stacked field!  Phend, Mitch, Root, Anderson, Kothman and others…tough crew.  We got a good chance to run our new Xray 2017 Xb4 this weekend on only it’s second race and the very first one outdoors!   The track has a challenging surface.

When hot, Pro-Line Hole Shots in X2 compound were absolute money, until the sun went down and the track cooled off, then the right tire were the Pro-Line Electrons in M4. 

The buggy was really good right out of the box with the supplied stiffer springs, a center diff which we always run and slightly higher ride height.  William wheeled it , crashing out at the very end of the first main, but came back strong in the next two qualifying 6th overall.

After A1, William made the decision to make some changes.   We went up on center diff oil, and down on front diff oil  to help the car put down the power of our Team Scream Racing 5.5 motor and battery , and the Hobbywing Xr10 pro esc, and to rotate a bit quicker. If you’ve ever worked on an Xb4, you know how easy that is to do!.  That made a big difference and he was bouncing back and forth between 3rd and 5th during the next two Mains with a 4th place in A2 and In the end we took down 5th place overall.   The set up changes were a gutsy move on Williams part….I thought the changes were pretty drastic in an A main situation, but I can’t doubt my driver…and I’m glad he made the decision.

4×4 Short Course

We managed to TQ in 4×4 Short Course.  Our trusty MIP Pro4mance outdoor truck, in bone stock configuration.  This truck, powered by Hobbywing and Team Scream Racing batteries, is amazing.

In A1, William had a bobble after the triple that traction rolled him, and came back second, then a run in with leader and his duty to wait for him to be marshaled, put him down 4th.   He got to work, and drove it back up to second for the finish.  During A2, William got in the front and took off when second place broke out.  During A3 William went off the front and stayed there to take the overall win!.

I would like to thank our sponsors.   #TeamXray, RC America, #Proline, TeamMIP, Team Scream Racing and Douglas and Co for their continued support.   This was a very memorable race that the two of us will not soon forget.   We really did bond well as a team.

Set up

The track surface was weird.  I can only surmise that when hot and dry, it was very dusty and no water was put down between round.   As a result, the Hole Shots in a fairly hard compound dug through the dust and got a good hold.   When colder temperatures arrived later in the day, and the track took in some atmospheric moisture, and the M4 compound would get a better hold.

William got noticed, The four guys in front of him were paid to be there.  He wheeled it very well    I have video of the all the A-Mains, which I will post on YouTube and send it along as a supplemental.   Written race results haven’t been published yet, but I will send them along when I get them.

Always proud to represent Pro-Line!

William and David Piper