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Pro-Line Driver CJ Jelin takes Nitro Buggy Win at 2017 Race for Autism

This past weekend I attend the 2017 Race for Autism. I raced pro Nitro Buggy, pro Nitro Truggy, and E-Buggy.

Qualifying, the first round had it’s ups and downs. In E-Buggy I TQ’ed, in truggy I had to get flipped over and it cost me TQ but I still got a second for the round. In pro nitro buggy my transponder did not work, so I got a dnf.

a3  image1

Round 2, I had a TQ in E-Buggy and pro Nitro Buggy. Truggy I had some mistakes and finished 2nd.

So overall I started 2nd in pro Nitro Truggy, 1st in E-Buggy , and 1st in pro Nitro Buggy.

Mains, I won E-Buggy tone to tone. In pro Nitro Truggy, at the start of the race car number 1 was not set down at the tone and I got in the lead. Then I crashed and went back to third and made my way back up to 2nd and battled with first, or ( Mason Eppley) and passed first then I got a gap of 4 seconds, then I crashed. At the end I ran out of fuel with one minute to go but still finished 2nd. The pro Nitro Buggy A-Main, I lead from tone to tone with only a couple mistakes but ended up taking the win.

I would like to thank Kevin Palmer and Charlie Cavalier for all their help as well my sponsors, Xray, Rc America, A-main.com, Hobbywing, Pro-Line, Protekrc, Vp Racing Fuels, Sanwa, Hudy, Ogio, CowRc, Stickit1Racing.com and 110% Racing