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P-L Driver Jared Wiggins Wins at Midwest 1:8 Tour Final on Pro-Line Electrons


Had an awesome time at the Midwest 1:8 Tour Rd1/JCP’s final race! First off, I want to thank Bryan Seitz for all the work he put into JCP, sad to see it closing!

As for racing, I was able to TQ E-Buggy and start second behind Derek in Nitro Buggy after some close qualifying! In the main I was able to take the E-Buggy win!

Both Tekno Buggies were on point with Pro-Line MC Electrons lasting the whole 30-minute main and all electronics (Orion, BK Servos, Sanwa) performed flawlessly. Extremely happy with my program!


In Nitro Derek would bobble on lap one giving me the lead and I was able to lead for the first 8-10 minutes as we were within about a second of each other! He got by mid race and after putting up a midrace charge to swap for the lead again he retained the lead after the last pit.

Overall a great run and congrats to Derek for driving a great race!

Tekno and Nitro Pro were able to go 1-2 in Nitro Buggy, 1st in Truggy and Tekno 1st in E-Buggy! My new Triton L5 Elite ran perfectly getting mileage at about 9:30 with only about 1/2 gallon thru it!


Thanks to all my Sponsors!

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Jared Wiggins