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P-L Team Driver Gery Heinrich at First run of Austrian Scale Team Series in Moenichkirchen, Austria on Pro-Line BFG KO2’s


The scale crawler season 2017 has finally started here in Austria! We came together to host the first round of Austrian Scale Team Series (ASTS) in Moenichkirchen.

Gery ran the Pro-Line RAM 1500 Body, BFGoodrich KO2 Tires, Pro-Line Tow Strap, and Pro-Line Pro-Fit Tire Cover.

What is the Austrian Scale Team Series?


The series consists of four events in all over Austria. You can choose between three different classes from stock street legal cars in Class 1, modified Off-road cars in Class 2 and prototype cars in Class 3. In Class 1 and 2 the participants are randomly matched together in teams of 3-4 drivers. Then they have to conquer four sections of up to 40 minutes driving time each. In class 3 the participants have to run two runs in a fast trophy style where time is a factor and two trial sections that are really tricky.

88 participants – all-time record

On April 1st, non-less than 88 participants came together to run their electric scale cars in the mild forest of Lower Austria. Although the weather couldn’t have been better (no Snow!) the sections were really tough. Most of the drivers had to struggle and help each other to conquer the sections in the given time limit of 40-mins. This way the teammates quickly had to find the best strategy and adopt on each other’s cars and driving styles. The best way to finish a trail is not to let the best guy escape in front and let the rest of the team behind.  All the drivers have to stay together because they get all the penalties as a team.

After two sections, we had lunch at the nearby restaurant and were dining like champions already. After that we were struggling to drive again with our stomachs hurting, but that’s the price you pay for eating a Wiener Schnitzel that big. The two sections in the afternoon were also really tricky but rewarding and in the end, all of us had a really great day. The day ended with the ceremony and a raffle. Our next event will be on May 6th in beautiful Salzburg.

We want to say thank you to all the participants and sponsors, one of them was of course – Pro-Line!

Gery Heinrich