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P-L Driver Mason Eppley Podiums at Pro-Line April Fool’s Classic on Positrons

April Fools Classic at IRCR Raceway March 29 – April 2 365 Entries
Classes Raced: Mod 2WD & 4WD Buggy


I decided to make the long 10-hour drive east to Salt Lake City Utah for the 29th annual April Fools Classic.  I got to the track Wednesday and practice all day. With the dirt being similar to what I was used too, my cars were stuck to the track right away.  On Thursday we would a controlled practice for most of the day followed by one round of seeded practice for our qualifiers on Friday.

Both of my cars were amazing on my Pro-Line MC Positrons along with my Tekin RSX speed controls and gen3 motors!  

My 4wd felt amazing as I would top seed over some pretty big names, Rob Gillespie Jr., Alex Kosciuszek, Tommy Hinz, Frank Root, and J.P. Richards.  I also felt pretty confident with my 2wd, unfortunately on my third lap I would break and not get a seed time putting me at the back of the pack.


Friday and Saturday would be our qualifying day, two rounds each day.  To my surprise, the traction came up and lap times were slower. A weird combination if you ask me.  I would have decent runs in both cars, but in the end I would be BQ in 2WD and start 4th in the A of 4WD.  I was just as fast as the top three, just needed to minimize my mistakes. Unfortunately there would be no bumps so I would be stuck in the B for 2WD.  Even though I was bummed I didn’t make the A, I was pretty proud of myself on how I did in 2wd with it being my worst class!

In the B of 2WD, I would get out front and stay out front. With a Minute to go I was taken out by lap traffic which would cause me to finish in the 2nd position.  Now it was time for 4WD, I felt super confident because I race better than I qualify.  In all three Mains I was able to drive smooth, calm, and consistent landing me on the podium!  I’m super happy with my results, I know I was fast enough to win 4wd but I can’t complain with a podium!


Both of my cars were amazing on my Pro-Line MC Positrons along with my Tekin RSX speed controls and gen3 motors!  

A big thanks to everyone for the kind words and encouragement throughout the week as well as my sponsors! Tekno Rc, Amain, Tekin, Pro-Line, Protek, MIP, Schelle, Hoooked, BOOMrc, RAD Painting, and AARC.

– Mason Eppley