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P-L Driver CJ Jelin at Hobby Action Desert Classic on Pro-Line Positrons


Attend the 1st annual Desert Classic at Hobby Action Raceway.

I raced  2WD Mod Buggy, 2WD Mod Truck, and 4WD Mod Buggy. In the first round of qualifying I had a 18th  in 2WD Buggy, 9th in truck and 7th in 4WD Buggy for the 1st round.

I ran Pro-Line MC Electrons and MC Positrons.


In the 2nd round of qualifying I had a 22nd in 2WD Buggy, 6th in truck, and 3rd in 4WD Buggy for the 2nd round .

The 3rd round of qualifying I had a 24th  in 2WD Buggy, 8th in Mod Truck, and 6th in 4WD Buggy for the round. In the last round of qualifying I got a 16th in 2WD Buggy, 10th in Truck, and 2nd in 4WD Buggy for the last round.

After qualifying this would put me 2nd in the 2WD Mod Buggy C-Main, 8th in truck A-Main, and 4th in 4WD A-Main. At the start of the 2wd c main I crashed, and went far back, but came back to finish 2nd  in the C-Main.

A1 in truck I broke and got a 10th for a1. A2 went better for me I finished 7th in A2. In A3 I finished 3rd and finished 5th overall after the triple Mains in truck. A1 4WD Mod Buggy, I  battled for 3rd for one lap ,then Dustin passed me back at the end of the straight away and I finished 4th in A1. In A2 I finished 3rd after an intense main. In A3 I had 3 crashes in the same spot and that dropped me down in to 6th and finished there in A3, but I finished 3rd overall.


I ran Pro-Line MC Electrons and MC Positrons.  I would like to thank Charlie Cavalier,  Kevin Palmer, and the Tessmans for all their help that weekend. As well my sponsors X-ray, RcAmerica, Amain, Pro-Line, Hobbywing, Protekrc, hudy, sanwa, Vp racing fuels, Stickit1, ogio, hooked tire sauce.

CJ Jelin