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P-L Driver William Piper TQ’s and Podiums the drive for Hunger on Pro-Line Electrons

We attended the 2nd Annual “Drive for Hunger” charity race this past weekend


Great time at the 2nd annual “Drive for Hunger” at R/C Excitement today! we were able to race with friends, and help a great cause! William ran 3 classes today including 4×4 SCT, 4×4 Mod Buggy and 2WD Mod Buggy. We TQ’d in 4×4 Mod Buggy, second in 4×4 SCT….no thanks to his crew chief failing to change his battery…and 3rd in 2WD Buggy, which is the class we’ve most improved thus far. The Mains were back to back to back, and started with 4×4 SCT where William went off the front and stayed that way. In 2wd Mod buggy, we had a great battle with Razz and Keith, and at the end managed to get 2nd. In 4×4 Mod Buggy, William went lights out and took the win tone to tone.

Great times! Special thanks to our sponsors Xray, RCAmerica, Pro-Line, Hobbywing, TeamScream, MIP and Douglas & Co.

Tires: All of our rides were on Electrons in M4 .  We found on this track in its current condition “ghosted” Electrons on the buggies and fresh Electrons on the Pro4 where the dialed set up.  Usually on this track very worn Electrons (slicks) work the best.  Even better than primes.   We’ve found the primes just don’t have the grip over worn Electrons in M4.


That said, in Pro 4, fresh Electrons were the tire of choice.

The buggy classes ran “Liquid Wrench” as the tire sauce as they can use all the traction that they can get.   Interestingly enough, the Pro4 runs best without any tire sauce at all.

As this was a “Charity” race.     There were no trophies given, and no podium pictures taken.  I have enclosed the results for the race.

I have also enclosed some pictures of William and the track for your review

Glad to represent Pro-Line!

Results photo

William and David Piper