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Pro-Line ElectroShot VTR 1:8 Truck Tire Video

The ElectroShot comes from the mind of Ty Tessmann and is designed to perform just like a Hole Shot 2.0 while lasting significantly longer. As the name suggests, the ElectroShot is combination of Pro-Line’s Electron and Hole Shot tread designs with connected bars in the center where the heaviest tire wear occurs and Hole Shot pins everywhere else for maximum traction.


Connected bar-type tires like Pro-Line’s new Positron have become the new standard for 1:10 buggy race tires but pins are still the king of the 1:8 Off-Road. The ElectroShot begins to bridge that gap and test the waters with a hybrid Bar and Pin tire. Racers who have tried the ElectroShot say that it feels similar to a HoleShot but has even better forward grip! Be the first to try out the future of 1:8 Race Tire Design with Pro-Line’s new ElectroShot!

ElectroShot VTR 4.0″ Off-Road 1:8 Truck Tires
for Front or Rear
Product ID : 9060-02 M3 (Soft)
Product ID : 9060-003 X3 (Soft)

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