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P-L Driver Marco Rojas: The count is onto the 1st International RC Crawler Fest


A few days for the 1st International RC Crawlers Fest!!!!
Marco is more than ready for this new adventure, where he will be representing Pro-Line Racing, in Lajas Puerto Rico!
This time, the competition will be in the categories: Scale 1.9 and “Coquetas Edition Show”. Marco will be competing with “El Camuflado” and “El Chineado”.


This is a great opportunity to represent our country Costa Rica and to share the hobby with friends from different countries.

Marco thinks that the most important is to be grateful for the opportunity to be part of this event and would like to emphasize the great organization and the people who are sharing the real love for this hobby.

We will keep you update with all the details of this amazing competition.
Good luck Marco!!!

El chineado Camuflado

Marco Rojas