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P-L Driver Shaun Duffy at Motorama 2017 on Pro-Line Suburbs


So, this weekend I went to Motorama in Harrisburg, PA. Motorama is an annual 3 day race held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex. This race draws the east coasts fastest racers along with some of the pros and typically topping 650-700 entries between the two temporary tracks (10th scale and 8th scale) that the track crews miraculously set up in two days.

Shaun Ran Pro-Line Suburbs and Hole Shots


This year Motorama Events decided to change the track surface from the unmanageable clay to an easier to build dirt that is also used in the Motocross arena. With this decision many of us were left wondering “what tires are going to work at Motorama this year.” The usual answer was “bring them all.”

We were all pleased to find the 10th scale track was smooth and hard packed. It had a light coating of dust which made it the perfect scenario to start off with Pro-Line Hole Shots M4.


I registered to race in three classes: 2wd open ST (T5m), 2wd stock buggy (B6D), 2wd stock SCT (SC5m). All three vehicles are powered by the new Maclan Mmax ESC and Maclan MRR motors. Smooth and powerful steering was provided by Xpert RC steering servos.

We were allowed two rounds of controlled practice with the second round of practice being a seeding practice. After a rough seeding practice round I would initially qualify 14th in 2wd open ST, 11th in 2wd stock SCT, and 20th in 2wd stock buggy. The track conditions were changing rapidly and it became a tire game to find what would work in each heat.


I decided to switch to using open foams in my 2wd stock buggy and it really paid off.

After two rounds of qualifying I found myself sitting in 18th in 2wd Open ST, 9th in 2wd stock SCT, and 8th in 2wd stock buggy.  I then switched to using open foams in the 2wd open ST as well.

After the 3rd round of qualifying I would find myself in the B-main in all 3 classes.  I would start 7ths in the 2wd open ST, 1st in the 2wd stock SCT, and 3rd in 2wd stock buggy.

In my 2wd open ST B1 main I got the short end of some rough driving that would put me in next to last place. After this it was difficult to battle my way back to the front of the pack and would only finish in 6th place. In my 2wd stock buggy B1 main I ended up getting taken out on the first turn and would have to battle back from last place and finishing back in 3rd place. In my 2wd stock SCT B1 main I lead the race from wire to wire to secure my bump up spot to my first Motorama A-Main.

In my 2wd open ST B2 main I would once again fall into some bad luck and forced to battle from the back and once again only finish 6th place. This would give me 6th in the B-main overall.

In my 2wd stock buggy B2 main I managed to stay on the lead lap and finish just a few seconds behind the top 3 to finish 4th. This would give me 2nd in the B-main overall.



At the advice of Jim Hustins I would switch to Pro-Line Suburbs in M4 in my 2wd stock SCT for the A-mains. As soon as I pulled out for the practice lap I realized that these tires were money.  In my 2wd stock SCT A1 main I found myself battling for 4th place when I traction rolled coming out of the straight away. I would end up finishing 7th. I made some changes and was ready to put down some hot laps in the A2 however I would find myself on the short end of some rough driving again and got sent over the pipe and back in last place.  I would battle my way back to 7th place again. Now I went through and refreshed everything I could before my A3. This time I would take a more aggressive approach and hold my line. I was able to stay on the lead lap and finish in 6th place. I would finish 7th overall after the 3 rounds.

This was definitely the most enjoyable Motorama races that I’ve been too and my best showing. I can only hope to do better next year as I’m already looking forward to it.


A very special thanks goes out to Joey Kiely from Pit Stop Hobbies for all the help and support throughout 2016 and into 2017. I also need to thank Jim Hustins, Frank Dieny, Fred Perkins, Nick Malato, and many others for all the help at the track. I would like to also thank Matt Bridges of Punched RC for loaning me some batteries for the A-Main races. I need to thank Brian Lewis and Landen Lewis for traveling up from Florida to help support the Pro-Line Racing team. Without their help I know for a fact that I would not have been able to do as well as I had. A huge kudos goes out to Charlie and Scotty for putting on a very well run show and the track crew for pulling off the impossible year after year.


Finally I would like to again thank my sponsors for their continued support: Pro-Line Racing, Maclan Racing, Xpert RC, Boca Bearings, Race Ready Products, Sticky Kicks RC

Shaun Duffy