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P-L Driver David Carrasco Jr. Wins Davis Cup at The Yard on Pro-Line Hole Shots


Raced in Anaheim,CA at The Yard. It was a great day to race, and great to be part of a memorial race. First heat, my car ran awesome and I was on a good run…finishing in 2nd. Second heat, I kept my focus and got the job done, again finishing in 2nd.

I felt good going into the Main. My car was on point and running amazing. I just had to do my job and keep my concentration and focus up heading into the final round. At the start of the Main, I checked out and was able to keep that pace throughout the race. I was totally focused and in my zone…got into my groove and just flew. I finished strong in 1st, a lap ahead of the rest of the group! A great race day and a great experience.

I ran Pro-Line Hole Shot M3 Tires and Pro-Line Phantom Body

David Carrasco Jr.