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P-L Driver Billy Bowden at SIC on Pro-Line Hole Shots


Southern Indoor Championship S.I.C. had the best track we have run on to-date.
Going into the event we had a hard time deciding which class to run (Pro or Sportsman)
We signed up for Pro and man was it fun! We got to run heat races with some of our RC hero’s and let me tell ya, them dudes are bad fast!

It was our first time out, showed with Pro-Line tires exclusively and I must say P-L has got you covered. The tire of choice (for us) all weekend was M4 Hole Shots and they were glued to the track!

The new (point 4) Tekno will definitely haul the mail, Thanks for the refinements TeknoRC!
With its new geometry in the ackerman set up and its altered pivot points on the rear a-arms / hubs / uni’s,
Plain and simple, it delivers more confidence every place on the track -period- -and the new gear ratios and the bb spindles are a nice touch also

Billy’s best run in the heat races was a 10-Lap on a 5:28 (decent for a rookie)
He bumped from the E to the D-Main in Nitro buggy
also bumped from the D to the C-Main in E-Buggy

We had a -” why cant it happen in practice moment”- occur at the drop of the gate of the E-Buggy C-Main, when Billy pulled the trigger the car didn’t so much as move a hair (apparently I didn’t check the pinion set screw) it literally slid back off the motor shaft in staging, lol…

High-lights of the weekend were
– Racing on a top notch track
– Event was ran nice and smooth
– Hanging out w/ race buddies
– Getting back home to our own beds/shower

Thumbs up to Tekno and Pro-Line for their “on-site” Track side support!

#TeknoRC #ProLineRacing  #AbsoluteHobbyz #AhlsomeDesignConcepts
and of course Mom!

Congratulations to all who had fun.


PS, It was Awesome to have Brian Lewis there onsite Pro-Line support!!!

– Billy Bowden